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TRiUMPHANT – Art that beautifully depicts my life.

There are times in life when you have to be real. When holding back won’t cut it. I poured my heart into the creation of this artwork which shows my victory through pain. Never let circumstances control you. Be TRiUMPHANT.

About The Artwork:

TRiUMPHANT was created over the course of 7 months and has over 18,000 hand punched and individually glued squares of various colored card stock paper to form one image. It is nearly 15 1/2 ft long and stands around 9ft tall. The wood used was hand cut with a jigsaw and each piece was coated with resin. If viewed from the front it appears to be one piece but when viewed from another angle you can see the pieces are separate and create a three dimensional effect.

It can be viewed at ARTFIELDS in Lake City, SC April 21-29 at 245 S Church St Lake City, SC in The R.O.B building. If you visit I would appreciate your vote.

How To Vote:
My Voting ID is: 251868
-Visit the Welcome Center in Lake City at 133-A East Main Street during the festival to register
-Once registered you can use your cell phone to vote by entering the code 251868 or by voting online

I’d like to thank everyone who assisted me before, during, and after the project. You know who you are. THANK YOU so much!