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In life, if we would think before we acted, what would happen? What misery would we avoid? What joy would we create?

I have made choices I regret and choices I cherish. Decisions cannot be remade. Once chosen they are final – the results of them will affect others and yourself for the rest of your life.

Our decisions affect others, no matter how much we try to ignore it. One may think, “I have no one close to me, whose life will be affected by my continued wrong decisions.” However, what if the continued wrong decisions are keeping those people out of your life? What if these were people you were supposed to meet, connect with, and change?

Your life is meant to benefit more than just yourself.

So again I ask, what would happen if we would “Think”?

Thinking about the right thing to do alone is not enough. In every situation we must think of the wisest thing to do, and then do it.

Thinking of the best thing to do and having good intentions is great, but it is ultimately useless until followed through. Your decisions count. Your decisions matter.


There are over 2600 pieces of fabric, paper and objects used to make Think.

Fun Fact


Think was created using fabric, paper, and numerous objects. Each piece was hand cut and placed to make a unique image. I decided to use different fabrics to create the colors throughout the piece as well as objects and paper instead of paint. It is the largest piece I have made to date standing 9.5 ft and was created over the span of 5 months. Originally, I planned to include paint, but once started I decided to accept the challenge of coloring without it. There is no paint used in this piece at all which I feel makes it more extravagant. All pieces down to the gleam inside the pink of the eye are hand cut and placed.

Various art techniques were also included in the piece such as: hardened fabric, layered paper, resining, button, and toothpick art. Viewing the piece from the front gives the illusion it is all one piece, but actually the hand is a separate piece from the face. When viewed from another angle, it gives a three dimensional effect. Resin was used to coat and protect the piece. It also makes it more approachable.

Numerous objects and shapes in the piece represent different subjects that need to be thought about. For instance:

Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts – Near the center in the hair a Black Snake can be seen rising from the mind only to be caught and killed in the grips of Pliers. It represents how negative thoughts sneak in like poisonous snakes ready to sink their fangs into our emotions. We must stop those thoughts in their tracks and end them no longer listening to their poisonous suggestions. The nails around the snake’s lifeless head represent positive action and thoughts defeating it. (If you look to the left of the face, a lot more nails (positive thoughts) are on the way).

Unlock Your Potential – The unlocked combination lock located on the top left of the face is a symbol to remind us to unlock our potential. Don’t go another day without working towards realizing the passionate desires within yourself. Those purposes that make you giddy when you think about them. Things you know you are meant to do.

Stop Playing Games – The Maze located in the center of the hair represents how some people go through life like it is a game playing the same stage over and over. They are constantly in a maze with no purposeful intentions of ever getting out. Purpose, focusing on meaningful goals, and completing the actions it takes to fulfill those goals will grant you with a rewarding life. One you will be proud of. Laziness leads to destruction and much action without meaningful purpose is a life wasted.

Stay Sharp – The Razor Blade inside the Zipper located near the center of the hair is a sharp reminder to stay sharp. The zipper (the mind) is trying to close (become idle), but the Razor is keeping it from doing so. Do not allow your mind to constantly float along year after year. Put it to work. You go and make changes. Do not allow others to do your thinking for you. Stay sharp, observe, and act.

The Answer – The top right of the face represents what I believe is the answer for the world. It is a Cross that represents the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The only perfect life ever lived who was a complete sacrifice for man’s sins. Beginning a relationship with Him has changed my life. Through this change I have been convinced He is who He said He is. I wish everyone could know, but without a doubt I know. I realize how I used to think, and I know how I think now. I cannot force anyone to think the way I do but it would be a crime for me not to share what I have and will experience – a real relationship with Jesus Christ and an eternity with Him in the end.The Cross and thorns represents His Death. The stones represent His Burial, and the discarded white fabric represents His Resurrection.

Family – Located in the center of the forehead is a silhouette of my family. Family is supposed to be a main priority in life. Work, entertainment, and friends cannot compare in its importance. For one day it is here and like a spring breeze it is gone — but its effects last on generation after generation. Your family is high priority. You cannot buy time with them, you can only spend it.

Burned Deck – Under the left eye is a stack of burned playing cards which are a symbol for us to not gamble because we will get burned in the end.

War – Under the left eye are a group of soldiers fighting in war. Think about living in peace and the deadly consequences that occur when we do not.

Learn – At the top-left of the forehead are pages from a book layered on top of each other. We can learn while we are on this earth. It is up to us if we do so. Some choose to, others do not. Let us congratulate those who do and not look at them in jealousy because it does not require one to seek a degree to learn, but to only read a book.

Peppers – Above the left eyebrow are a group of peppers which represent good and bad decisions and how they can be “extremely” unpleasant or as pleasant as pie.

Money – Across the hand you will find numerous pennies which are a reminder to us to be wise in how we handle our money. We should not become careless or take advantage of the money in our lives, no matter how wealthy we are. It should be handled wisely and with much consideration.


I enjoyed the process of creating Think even though there were many bumps in the road along the way. It required many hours of intensive work, but it was all worth it when I saw it stand for the first time.

I have fun with my art and want to make people wonder and see things never imagined.

Finally, I must say thank you to everyone that helped me in this endeavor. Moving something of this size cannot be done alone.

Fun Facts:

  • No paint was used in the creation of this piece. It is all fabric, paper, or objects.
  • There are over 2600 pieces of fabric, paper and objects used to make Think.
  • There is a map with directions from my hometown of Cheraw, SC to Lake City,SC. Can you find it?
  • How many pennies do you think were used on the hand? 851 pennies
  • There are over 200 toothpicks used
  • BB’s make a cool metal effect. Can you find them?
  • The Arrowhead represents my home town. Cheraw, SC.
  • Resin is cool and is also used to encapsulate objects for decoration and science.
  • I lost count of the amount of hours, nights, and mornings I worked on this project.
  • My son was often creeped out by the giant face in the living room.
  • I went through 3 pair of scissors while working on this project.
  • It’s heavier than it looks. Ask my back.
  • My family and I moved homes twice during the making of this project.
  • I fell asleep in the car one morning in my driveway for 45 min — with the car running from all the long hours of work. Don’t do that. My plan was to relax not sleep. Late nights will catch up with you.
  • Materials such as burlap, leather, canvas, wood, paper, denim, and metal can be found within the project.
  • Buttons are cool to work with.
  • My wife has a tremendous load of patience. Imagine a big face in your house for 5 months – staring at you along with the mess. Thanks honey.