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The Last Piece To My Puzzle – 2002

preview poster


I created this project as a going away gift to my then girlfriend and now wife. It is created using tiny cuts of paper to create an image of her. It has somewhat hidden objects that hold special meaning to us. For example, Stitch from the movie Lilo & Stitch can be found located on her skirt. It was the first movie we went to see. Another example is a lion on her arm, which happens to look like the Food-Lion logo. It is, because that is where we met. There are others as well.

This isn’t the first project I did in this style. I have 2 others that are self portraits but use far less intricate cuts. This piece took one month to complete.

This piece still impresses me and was a huge inspiration to create one of my latest pieces, Think.

So many pieces to form one beautiful woman.