I also enjoying creating videos. Video creation is an art form in itself and I have loved it since I was a child. A few of my pieces can be viewed below. Enjoy!

Mouse Trapped

I made this video to enter into the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl ad competition.

It’s about a group of mice who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

My Trip To Grand Rapids Michigan To Install My Art Piece “Think” For ArtPrize 2014

Want to see what Grand Rapids, MI is like? Watch this video to check out our journey to install my artwork “Think” into the largest art competition in the world. #ArtPrize2014

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area my piece can be viewed at: the DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Avenue NW

We drove for over 819 miles to get there from SC to MI. I mounted a camera on the dash to create a time-lapse video from the moment we left until the moment we arrived at the venue in Michigan.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me throughout this process. Thank you so much.

Also if you are in the area and would like to vote for my work, my Vote Code is: 57463

#VoteForThink #ASelfieWithThink #IVotedForThink #JoshuaRedfearn


Help Me Take “Think” To ArtPrize in Michigan!

My art piece Think, was accepted into the largest art competition in the world, ArtPrize. The competition will take place in Grand Rapids, Michigan during September through October. I have the chance to win up to $200,000 but I need your help to get there.
Every donation is appreciated and can be made personally or online at GoFundMe.com/HelpThink.


Experience Newphoria

This is one of the ads I submitted into the Doritos Crash The Superbowl VIII 2014 ad competion.

NEWPHORIA – The sensation one experiences upon opening a new bag of Doritos.

Newphoria is a play on the word euphoria. I felt it suited the feeling you get when you are the first one to open a new bag of Doritos.

The Last Dorito

This is one of the ads I submitted into the Doritos Crash The Superbowl VIII 2014 ad competion.

The last Dorito in the bag at a party – what a scary situation.

Will he survive? Watch and find out.

Life Memories

This video was to be played before our wedding, but it wasn’t complete at the time. It shares funny memories about us, Joshua & Shakeeka Redfearn from those who are close to us.

O Holy Night – FroGherto ToHans

FroGherto ToHans performs O Holy Night to Luciano Pavarotti’s famous rendition. I enjoyed making this.