I was born in July of 1983 into a loving family of a supportive dad and mom, two older brothers and one older sister. I realized my talent for art around 6 years of age. A fond memory of mine is when I drew a wrestler on paper and showed it to my mom. She also drew a wrestler, but hers looked significantly better and I noticed this. I desired to have better drawing skills like her. Through the years I continued to meet people who could draw better than myself and each one gave me the desire to reach a new skill level. My skills continually improved and with continued practice in my middle school through high school years I noticed a substantial increase in my results. I won numerous contests and still wondered how far I could go. I loved the feeling of accomplishment I felt by igniting wonder and excitement in others through my work. I see my talent as a gift to inspire and to make others think.

Recently I was awarded 2014 People’s Choice Award for my artwork “Think” in ArtFields. ArtFields is the largest art festival and competition in the Southeast. It was my first experience in a major art competition and to win was incredible. To be selected out of hundreds of pieces of artwork made me feel proud and thankful that others appreciate my work.

I enjoy creating numerous types of art such as:  video production, graphic design, 3D art, web design and thinking of new ways to use older types of techniques.

I am married and a father. What an amazing responsibility. My children helped me see a world I never knew existed. Before them it was selfishly all about me. But now I know life is more than myself. I became a father at an early age, while I was still a teen. I cared about 2 things, myself and my appearance. Outfits, shoes and fun were the goal of my paychecks. When we realized we were having a child, being an unknowingly selfish 19 year old, my first response was anger. This all happened at a very low time in my life. I had recently been fired, I did not have an outlook for my life and now we were expecting a baby. I broke. The one thing I knew I needed to do, the one thing I knew was there and was always there, was Jesus.

I grew up in church and was there on a regular basis. But as I became older and entered into my teen years I stopped listening and I stopped caring. I was entering Josh mode and other stuff began to fall away as I placed myself on the highest pedestal in my life. It felt good. I was looking out for me and me only. I became obsessed with my outward appearance. I had to have the latest shoes and would spend any money I had to get them. With a floor covered in neatly placed expensive shoes and a closet filled with overpriced clothing I felt I was there. In my mind no one could touch me. My pride had reached an all time high, and I couldn’t even see it.

After losing my job there wasn’t enough money for clothes and I was hurt upon realizing that fact. Then to realize we were expecting a child and knowing the majority of money I did get would need to be used on it made me mad. How selfish and ignorant I was. But this was a blessing in disguise. The day I was fired I went home and wept. I felt I had landed on the bottom of life and had nowhere to go. Like I said earlier I grew up in church, and not just any church. My church taught the Word of God in a way that made since. It wasn’t just a dead weekly ritual– it was a church with purpose. The teaching I heard over the years came back to me and I found what I needed to do. That day my girlfriend (now wife) and I prayed and received Jesus into our hearts and gave our lives to him in the living room of her parents’ house. God changed me right then and there. He removed negative desires from my life and opened my eyes to see the way I needed to. I was so happy, a new beginning and a second chance had been given to me.

He opened a door for a new job, blessed us with a wonderful son and taught me through his Word (the Bible) how to live correctly. That was the greatest turning point of my life, December 11, 2002.

My beautiful wife, family and I are still located in South Carolina and still attend the same church that changed our lives so many years ago.

I thank God for the talent he has provided for me and the goals and dreams he has given me. I have to give him the honor for my accomplishments because without him guiding me through life, I would probably be dead already. He alone gives purpose to life.