In all honesty I think Amiibo will not last much longer after Super Smash Brothers for Wii U/3DS runs it’s course. I know they plan to use them with other titles but I believe SSB was the bread and butter for Amiibo. Which leads me to wonder why Nintendo left out key features that could have launched Amiibo to an even greater level.

ID + Collectors Cards

ID + Collectors Cards should have been included with the purchase of all Amiibo figures. The cards could have been used to unlock your newly purchased character in an Amiibo mobile app.

The cards would come with a unique single use code that would be entered into the app. To save time, users could snap a picture of a unique QR code also on the card with their mobile device. Once one of these methods are activated the other becomes inactive.

Charizard ID + Collectors Card
Mobile App